Who we are?



Winston and Lillian Brown have been involved in Christian ministry for many years.

Raised in the New Testament Church of God in Bilston, West Midlands and in Deptford, South East London, Winston and Lillian are now ministers at Faith Harvest Ministries in South East London.

Sensing a call from God, Minister Winston responded and established e-SOM as a teaching school.


What motivates us?


There are essentially 2 things that drive what we do:

1) Gods love 'for' people and

2) His word 'to' people, which when understood
and applied brings great change.

God's blueprint for life extends to all areas of our lives: our families, jobs, relationships, finances and so on. Yet we can only experience this Kingdom to the extent that we know the ways of the King.

Jesus, (aka), the King of Kings is proclaimed as the 'light' of the world. One of His most recurring themes is that His Kingdom must first be understood before it can be applied and lived out. Jesus is clear that the way to live successfully in this world is simply to do it Gods way!